Data Point One — Near death experiences where someone died and somehow came back to life, provide testimonial proof that Heaven and hell are real, and the God of the Bible is real, and that Jesus truly is the Son of God. Thousands of people across all cultures and religions, including Muslims and Hindis, have had near death experiences, and they report having met Jesus, and by and large they turn to becoming Christians if they weren't already. The rest of the world doesn't tend to hear about it because they don't follow or don't encounter such topics. Jesus spoke in John 8:32, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Absorb this, contemplate it, and adjust course!

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Here is a curated list of books suggested to enlighten you.

If you’re not a reader, check out the audiobook versions. If you commute to work or go on travels, they will make that time fly.

Topic: Revelations of Truth and Current Events
Jesse Kelly - The Anti-Communist Manifesto (2023)
Glenn Beck - The Great Reset (2022)
Glenn Beck - Dark Future (2023)
Peter Schweizer - Blood Money (2024)
Peter Schweizer - Red Handed (2022)
Alex Epstein - Fossil Future (2022)

Topic: Religion
John Burke - Imagine Heaven (2015)
Randy Kay - Heaven Stormed (2024)
William Koenig - Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel (2017)
The New Catholic Answer Bible (2011)