Data Point One — Near death experiences where someone died and somehow came back to life, provide testimonial proof that Heaven and hell are real, and the God of the Bible is real, and that Jesus truly is the Son of God. Thousands of people across all cultures and religions, including Muslims and Hindis, have had near death experiences, and they report having met Jesus, and by and large they turn to becoming Christians if they weren't already. The rest of the world doesn't tend to hear about it because they don't follow or don't encounter such topics. Jesus spoke in John 8:32, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Absorb this, contemplate it, and adjust course!

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So, Dinosaurs Aren’t as Old as We Thought

Here’s a new theory for you: Dinosaurs lived along side humans mere thousands of years ago. That’s the case that Christian apologist organization Answers in Genesis asserts.

Branching off from the truth of Data Point One, we have to face it that the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, the God of Israel is real. The Holy Bible is the Word of God, which means it must be the truth.

When we go back to the book of Genesis, we learn that on Day 5 of Creation, God made the creatures of the air and of the sea. On Day 6, He made the animals of the land, and Adam and Eve, the first Humans.

Since all animals were made by God, logically God made what we later called Pterodactyls, on Day 5, and he made huge reptilian dinosaurs such as the Stegosaurus and the T-Rex on Day 6. There’s also something called a Leviathan mentioned in the book of Job. If the Stegosaurus existed millions of years ago, and got knocked out by a very hypothetical comet or asteroid, why do we have carvings of them found in Asia?

Stegosaurus image carved by ancient humans

What happened to the dinosaurs? They probably got knocked out largely through the Great Flood, about 4,000 years ago with Noah and the Ark.

When I asked God at my nightly prayer one night, ‘what do I tell people about dinosaurs?’, this video showed up the very next day in my YouTube recommendations!

Source: Answers in Genesis