Data Point One — Near death experiences where someone died and somehow came back to life, provide testimonial proof that Heaven and hell are real, and the God of the Bible is real, and that Jesus truly is the Son of God. Thousands of people across all cultures and religions, including Muslims and Hindis, have had near death experiences, and they report having met Jesus, and by and large they turn to becoming Christians if they weren't already. The rest of the world doesn't tend to hear about it because they don't follow or don't encounter such topics. Jesus spoke in John 8:32, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Absorb this, contemplate it, and adjust course!

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A six year old asked her family why God created Satan, if he if he knew that Satan would lead many souls to hell? The family didn’t really have a good answer. That night the Lord answered her, and here is what she recited that Jesus said: My people, I created the angels, man, and the universe, and everything that’s in it. I found everything was good of itself and gives greater glory to Me. The angels and man I…

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Professor Daniel O’Connor published a book in 2023, Only Man Bears His Image, available on Amazon. The subtitle to the book tells you what this 758 page compendium is about: The Biblical, Catholic, & Scientific Case Against Aliens, UFO Deceptions, Sentient AI, and Other Sci-Fi Disguised Demons & Psyops Heralding the Antichrist. The Biblical truth that you get out of it, is that God made angels. Some angels rebelled, introducing the concept of evil. God then made hell for the…

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Here’s a new theory for you: Dinosaurs lived along side humans mere thousands of years ago. That’s the case that Christian apologist organization Answers in Genesis asserts. Branching off from the truth of Data Point One, we have to face it that the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, the God of Israel is real. The Holy Bible is the Word of God, which means it must be the truth. When we go back to the book of…

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Answers in Genesis is an organization founded by Pastor Ken Ham, which describes how the Holy Bible is the Word of God, and so it is true. They have employed scientists to assist in proving the truth of the Bible, and their final product is very persuasive. Consider how in biology class, we were all told not to start with the starting point of something about human history or the planet Earth from any religion, because “that’s all mythology“. The…

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Nightly news watchers have all seen the footage from the Antarctic with a lone polar bear, simulated here. He’s not stranded on an iceberg! This bear can swim! He’s not stranded alone, he’s looking at the loud buzzing helicopter filming him! The media is tricking you emotionally. Climate change is bandied about all the time now as an existential threat, by some well meaning people, and some not-so-well-meaning people. On the one hand, we see that some effects by humans…

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Earth isn’t just an accident among an infinitely vast universe populated by other civilizations. It’s was created by God for us, and we are created for God’s purpose. Earth is where the battle of Good and evil is fought. Data Point One shows us that near death experiences where someone died and somehow came back to life, provide testimonial proof that Heaven and hell are real, and that the God of the Bible is real. Let’s now build upon that….

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Lies and untruths need to be opposed. It’s time to get intellectually honest.

Here, you will be able to enjoy the freedom of the truth. You will be able to learn mysteries of reality concealed for thousands of years.

The truth about how God created Earth

The truth about how God created Humanity

The nature of our unique place here on Earth

Why is space black?

The principle lesson of World War II

Why climate change doesn’t matter

How Earth is not millions of years old

How dinosaurs lived along side humans mere thousands of years ago

Where do we get our morality from?

Heaven and hell are really real. So how does one get to Heaven?

Don’t believe in extra terrestrial aliens.

You will also be given some tools to stand strong in these assertions.

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